Selling A Cat N Car?
Or a nearly cat N car?

If your car


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Why Choose Selling A Cat N Car?

We buy cars other companies will not

Quick Process

From enquiry, to your problem car leaving, to the money rolling in, it's a quick process that minimises the stress to make your life easy

Unmatchable expertise

Our McLaren trained engineers know engines inside out, which is why we can fix cars others cannot and then sell them on

we come to you

Due to it being a non-running vehicle, we will arrange for it to be collected at a time and place that is convenient for your schedule

the best deal

We pay more than you'd get if you scrapped or wrote the car off, we see the value in fixing things instead of throwing them away

stress-free sale

You can get a quote, agree on a deal and arrange pickup from the comfort of your sofa, it's so easy a broken car could do it

No Hidden Details

Our quotes are free and there are no pickup or other hidden fees. We never give or sell your or your cars details to third parties.

we love cars

We are a small garage and our team loves to restore cars that would otherwise turn their final corner, we treat cars with respect


Our garage is in the heart of Leicestershire in the English Midlands, which means we can buy cars from all corners of the UK.

don't pay. profit!

If we buy your car before it is declared category N, then you can avoid the write off raising the price of your car insurance


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Selling A Non-Running Car With Us

Most car buyers will not buy the cars we buy because they cannot repair them, which is why our unique blend of advanced mechanical engineering and an easy sales process is so appealing.

At Selling A Cat N Car, we are always on the lookout for category n cars for sale, or preferably cars that are about to be declared “cat n”. The cat n car status often refers to when water has entered the vehicles engine. Once inside, the water has then caused it to hydraulic and fail. This can leave you with a non-running vehicle and an unsatisfying insurance claim. That is, unless you have the bright idea of selling your car to us instead! Our engineers previously worked at McLaren and for other performance car brands, so we know all kinds of cars inside out. We painstakingly restore damaged cars and sell them on for a small profit, so that you get a better deal than just writing the car off as cat N. We give cars a new life and save them from the scrapheap, so some customers hire us to repair cars. However, due to the extensive damage that has been caused to some vehicles, they can require very expensive parts and incur heavy labour costs, so selling to us is usually the best option.

Understanding The Cat N Meaning

We don’t expect that everyone will immediately know what the cat n car meaning is. Once your car’s engine has become defunct, for example from water damage, this is what qualifies it as a cat n car. The “N” means non runner, as in the engine will not run, making the car useless without repairs or a new engine. A lot of insurance companies will write off cars as category N, just because they either cannot find specialist repairs garages, or it is not worth it financially. Our high-performance engine specialists can save your car from being declared cat N, and sell it on as a repaired car that is road legal and safe. The costs of these repairs are usually too high for customers, which is why insurance companies want to declare the car a write off, but you can still profit by selling to us.

In order to learn more about what qualifies as a cat n car and what this means to your vehicle, you can click the button below to get the full rundown on what classifies 

Selling A Cat N Car Has Never Been So Easy!

Just enter your registration number in one of the boxes that looks like a license plate, then press the “check vehicle now” button, and we’ll do the rest. We can assess the vehicle, give you a free quote, arrange collection and pay you by secure bank transfer or in cash, all without you leaving the comfort of your sofa.

It’s simple: sell the car to us so we can repair it and sell it on, instead of writing it off as a non-running car and sending it to the scrapheap. In some insurance policies, declaring a car as category N can affect your insurance prices for years to come. Why pay when you can profit?

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